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Listed below are City Harvest International Church Ministries and group gatherings. If there is something that interests you please contact the group rep to get more info. All are welcome and they will accept you with open arms and help you where needed. We at City Harvest International Church take pride in our God and serve as part of our God's plan in our lives. We serve in four major areas in our church. See below for more details.

Men's Ministry

The CHI church men's ministry is coming soon.

Women's Ministry

Women's ministry gathers every other month to share, celebrate, and listen to god's work being done in the women's lives every day. We share testimonies as they enjoy Brunch at church or special place.

Indonesian Fellowship

Every Saturday of the month we have a gathering of Indonesians from valley-wide of Phoenix. We join together to worship and praise the Lord. Share our success and trials with others and hear a message from the Lord. If your interested in joining the fellowship, please contact us and we will have one of our Indonesian reps contact you. Gathering are in fellowship room at the church.

Youth Group

The youth gather every Tuesday for a special additional bible study service. Location varies, please reach out to us to find where it will be at during that week. 

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