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Church 19th Anniversary

This year marks our 19th anniversary at City Harvest International Church for being a place and service for God's kingdom and togetherness for 19 years. This year due to the Covid-19 season we did not have a gathering or celebration for the event. But we praise God that we have been able to be in operation for God's community and the City of Phoenix. Please continue to pray for the church and we will celebrate our 20th next year.

Time: No Celebration this year

Location: City Harvest Church


Pastor's Appreciation Month

Come join us to celebrate pastor appreciation month. you can show your appreciation to our pastor in many ways. gifting something to him, simply saying thank you to him, giving an offering to treat himself, or even just a hug. Don't forget to also pray for the pastor.

You have the whole month to show your appreciation, but usually, we tie it to his birthday but dates and plans change. 

Birthday Cake



Pastor Luther's Birthday

Pastor Luther's birthday is celebrated after service in the fellowship room. Come join and celebrate with him another blessed year of living for God. 


Time: 12pm

Location: City Harvest Chruch, Fellowship

Weekly meetings:

Corporate Prayer & Fasting

Every Monday at 7 pm we stand together in prayer to pray for the nations and people in need corporately. Please join us 

Bible discussion group
By the Western Wall

Youth Cell Group

The youth of the Church gather every Tuesday at 6 pm to go over sermons and bible lessons. Contact Sandra for location.

West Side Bible Study

Believers that live on the west side of phoenix gather together for bible and sermons study.

Contact Sandra for location.

Church Altar
Teen Prayer Group

Sunday Service

Every Sunday @10am we gather to hear God's word and learn more about the bible from Pastor.

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