KCC program is divided into two:

1. REGULAR discipleship program

KCC Discipleship Curriculum for the regular program is divided into 3 phases classes, namely class 101, class 202, class 303. These classes are FREE of charge; followed by lay people, church members, businessmen, workers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, youth, the housekeeper, scavengers, and various social groups. There is a class of combined age and occupation; no special grouping class age groups, group work, class type, and so on.



-Class 303: Hearing God's Voice

Each stage of the class can range between 40-50X depending meeting developmental maturity and growth of the students. The meetings are held once a week. Each student is required to follow the whole series of meetings infull. If absent, obliged to choose the days / hours of aftershocks of its own with the Facilitator of the week before the next meeting, in order to pursue the goals set out in the last meeting. Failure to not follow (or follow up) 3x Students can opt out of this group, and the student will join a new group starting from the beginning of the next period.


2. INTENSIVE discipleship program KTC (Kingdom Training Center)

With the development of KCC discipleship program in various cities and towns, then we open the Discipleship Training Course Intensive class (IDTC) with the same concentration but compacted material - specifically for the LEADER, senior pastors, church workers, ASSEMBLY. This class is specifically designed for leaders who have the desire that people have entrusted underneath STUDENT quality.

Training lasts for 2 weeks. Since the class is very solid with homework every night, then the participants must stay in dormitory KCC Head Office in Jakarta. Or if staying at the hotel in the vicinity of our offices, please contact the Office of KCC.


Periode IDTC Tahun 2016
● 7-17 Maret 2016
● 1- 11 Agustus 2016
● 7-17 November 2016



Kingdom Community Center

Current Class at CHI Church


There is no further classes

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